UPDATED Wednesday, February 28, 2018:  Earlier this month, the NCAA came out with a policy that will prohibit Division 1 and Division 1AA coaches from working camps not located at an NCAA institution. We spent the past few weeks looking at all the options. In April they have the ability to adjust this policy and allow representatives from Division 1 and 1AA to attend off campus sites such as All Poly, we are hoping that is the case. We went through this situation last year at the exact same time. We are moving forward with plans to have the camp as promoted on our website with hopes that the decisions made in April will sway in our favor as it did last year.

Some additions to this years camp. All Poly has got the approval from 24/7 Sports to provide a star rating to the top performers at 2018 All Poly camp. This evaluation will be done by the college coaches that are coaching at the camp. If you have not been rated yet, this is a huge opportunity for you to do so. The star rating is a valuable part of the recruiting process. College coaches are relying more and more on star ratings to guide them towards the best players in the country. We have built personal relationships with every major college conference including programs from lower divisions. Our information will be available to colleges of all levels across the country. Participants at our Underclassmen camp will have the same opportunity to get a star rating as well.

All Poly Sports is committed to providing the best full contact camp in America as well as providing the most accurate football rating to our participants. We have had thousands of athletes recruited out of our camp to all level of college football over the past two decades. It's no accident 24/7 Sports chose All Poly to be a part of the rating process. We look forward to the next crop of prospects at our 2018 All Poly football camp this summer where your rating will mean something. Sign up NOW!